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We’re Invisible Fence - Southern Tier. And we’re glad you’re here. Our branch is an authorized, full-service dealership of genuine Invisible Fence Brand products and services. Since 1988, we’ve remained committed to improving the way Twin Tiers and Southern Finger Lakes region pet owners live with their four-legged family members.

With more than 6,900 satisfied human customers in the Twin Tiers and Southern Finger Lakes region area, as well as the endorsement of neighborhood veterinarians, we’re passionate about working hard—so you can enjoy your pet more, and worry about them less. From system installation to our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus training and beyond, Invisible Fence - Southern Tier is always here for you and your pet. That’s our promise to you both.

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The big picture.

Invisible Fence Brand systems feature exclusive technology that works together to give your pet more freedom. All while keeping them out of harm’s way—and out of the hostas. With the same Computer Collar® Receiver, your dog or cat can enjoy safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn to resist the temptation of the kitchen garbage can…even when you’re not there to chaperone.

Invisible Fence Brand systems integrate easily, so you can enjoy your pet indoors and out. Plus, they include professional installation and our exclusive, scientifically based pet training. Our solutions are effective. Affordable. And they all come from the original pioneers of pet fencing technology since 1973. So, let’s talk. Together, we’ll discover the solution that’s the perfect fit for you and your pet.

Our team.

Dan Kelley & his Golden, Kassidy, Owner, Authorized Invisible Fence Brand Dealer & Certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer

"One day when I was 14 years old, I went racing out the front door of our house with our dog Dolly unknowingly right behind me; like a flash she went by me and in a matter of seconds was hit by a passing car. Freaked out, I scooped her up and ran to my father in hopes he could save her (he is a veterinarian). She was already gone. At the time I did not realize how much that event would determine my future but I knew no one should ever have to experience what we did. In 1987 I discovered Invisible Fence Brand and knew I had found my calling. You will find no greater team of committed, passionate pet professionals. We do everything to assure your pet is always safe at home, guaranteed! I am a Certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer and an 11-time recipient of the Invisible Fence Brand Presidents Club Award, as well as the 2005 National Dealer of the year, and the 2007 National Guerilla Marketer of the Year."

Mark, Pet Management Consultant

Mark has been part of the Invisible Fence of the Southern Tier team for over twenty-six years! As a Certified Perfect Start Plus trainer with extensive experience as a service manager,  he can determine exactly how to design a custom solution for every pet he meets to keep them safe at home.

Mike, Pet Management Consultant

When it comes to pet management, Mike has a remarkable love and understanding of dogs and their individual needs. His certification in Perfect Start Plus Training, and over 20 years of experience give him the unique ability to design an Invisible Fence Brand Solution that will meet your needs as well as your pets.

Joe, Certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer & Technician

With over 22 years of experience as an Invisible Fence Brand Trainer & Technician, Joe has worked with thousands of dogs, but has a distinct appreciation for each one he meets. With an ability to understand every dogs unique needs, you can count on him to teach your pets how to stay safe at home.

Brad, Certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer & Technician

Brad is a certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer & Technician with a love for his job that goes unmatched. He takes pride in addressing all of your pets needs to ensure they stay safely at home.  Brad develops a special relationship with every pet he meets, and has a gift for understanding each ones individual needs. We are very proud to say he has been on our team for over 12 years.

Brandy, Office Manager

Brandy is a trained Customer Service Specialist, and has been our Office Manager for over 12 years. She is also a Certified Perfect Start Plus Trainer, so she can give you the best guidance possible for training your pet, even over the phone. When you call or stop into our office, Brandy will greet you with a smile, and happily assist you with all of your pet management needs.

Rhyane, Office Assistant

We couldn't have been more lucky to add Rhyane to our team this past year! Her work ethic is vital to keeping our office running smoothly. Her love of animals, especially her very own Great Danes, keeps her ready to assist you in any way possible to keep your own pets happy & safe at home.

Kendra, Marketing Coordinator

Kendra has been a part of the Invisible Fence of the Southern Tier team for over 7 years. Her creativity and love of animals keep her finding new ways to expand our mission: Keeping pets of the Southern Tier safe & happy at home. 

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At Invisible Fence - Southern Tier we’re passionate about protecting pets — so you can focus on fun! So, let’s talk. And we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet. Guaranteed.

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